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Here is the Latest newsletter, complinents of Kathy Gabbert

Community Association of Waterford Lakes

2046 Treasure Coast Plaza #301, Vero Beach, FL 32960

                                                                                                     May, 2005


We recently had a meeting of the Board of Directors on May 10, 2005.  All Board of Directors meetings will be held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. poolside.  The next meeting will be held

June 14th.  Remember to bring a chair.  Please see the notice posted at the pool for the agenda. 


Since we haven’t been receiving the best of lawn service for our money, our Board requested over a dozen new bids and received back 5.  Of those 5, The Board of Directors decided to sign an agreement with National Lawns Incorporated to take over the lawn maintenance for home-sites and commons areas beginning September 10, 2005.  The new vendor will provide the current services that are being done by Construction Landscape and Chem-lawn/True-Green and also will include the re-standing and retying of trees for home-sites and common areas, redefining of beds, replacing mulch and trimming bushes in common areas.  The cost for all of these services is lower than what we are currently paying. 


Homeowners recently received a letter from Keystone Property Management Group, Inc.  Our primary contacts there are Barbara Murray, Coleen and Linda.  If you have any questions you may contact them directly at 772-569-7928.  They are responsible for the day-to-day oversight of maintenance, addressing individual resident concerns and helping our Board of Directors.  All requests, concerns or suggestions must be in writing and must be signed.  Unidentified requests for maintenance or complaints will not be acted upon or addressed.


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It’s summer time again and with that comes visits to the pool.  Please remember to take your key with you to access the pool area.  Residents should not be letting people into the pool area without their keys.  We have had instances where people who do not live in our community were let in by good intentioned residents at the pool.  If you need a key, you can contact Asst. Treasurer Bill Thor @ 1083 W. 13th Square. New owners receive 1 key at no charge.  Reissued keys are $5.  The pool area has been kept nice and clean and we would like to thank all our residents who are pitching in to keep it that way.  Residents are taking it upon themselves to empty the trash can, clean the chairs, cleaning the bathrooms.  If we all help out just a little, we will continue to have a beautiful and clean pool area.  Thanks again!!!!


We are sorry to report that we have had several incidents of vandalism in our neighborhood recently.  Tires have been slashed, cars have been broken into, car windows have been broken and items have been stolen from residents’ cars.  The pool pump was vandalized and if the damaged had not been discovered in time, could have cost the Association thousands of dollars in repairs.  Please keep an eye out on your property and your neighbors and report any suspicious activity to the police.  Vehicles driving through the neighborhood at night with their lights off, groups of teenagers roaming the streets very late at night have been a common occurrence and more times than not, no good can come from this.  We will be asking for volunteers to assist with a Neighborhood Crime Watch to avoid crime from continuing in our neighborhood.  In the meantime, here are some tips from the Vero Beach Police Department.

Personal Safety

Take steps to protect yourself from becoming a victim of a crime!

  Properly secure your house and car - Even when you are inside.
  Trust your instincts - If you suspect something may be wrong, you may be right! Immediately   report suspicious people, cars or situations to the police.
  When you are out for a walk or shopping, avoid isolated areas and stay alert to what is happening around you. Walk confidently, preferably with other people.
  Protect your valuables. Carry only what you need and safeguard your valuables properly. Do not leave valuables in your car overnight.
  Always park in well lighted areas. Check in, around and under your car before entering your parked vehicle. Immediately lock the doors once you are inside.


Speed Limit Continues to Be 15 MPH.  Residents are taking the license numbers of repeat offenders and turning them in to Keystone Property Management and law enforcement officers. 

The Speed Limit is 15 MPH whether it is 6:00 am or 6:00 pm, 9:00 am or 9:00 pm.


Sprinklers—Taking care of our own sprinkler heads will save the Association 100s of dollars each month.  Broken heads account for a significant portion of the Associations’ expenses.  Simple actions by home owners can save some of these expenses.  If you observe a pop up head that has failed to retract, a gentle downward push at the top should cause it to retract.  If not, mark it in some manner and notify T.C. Sprinklers (772-465-5702) of the defective head.  If you observe lawn care personnel damaging a sprinkler head, mark it and notify Vice President Jacki Terorde at 770-4132 or Barbara Murray of Keystone Management Group at 569-7928 so they can be charged.  While we pay no labor costs, the heads cost between $15 and $60 each.


Assessments for Waterford Lakes is $80 a month but billed quarterly in the amount of $240.00.  Next payment is due July 1st.  If you require coupons, please see Kathy Gabbert at 1101 W. 13th Square or email us at address below and we will send you coupons.  A grace period of 15 days exists to allow for mail delivery time.  If your quarterly assessment has not arrived by the time that overdue notices are sent out, you can expect to pay the late fee of $25 plus interest of 18% per annum from the due date.  Non-payment can subject the unit owner to a lien on the property which can affect resale.  The complete procedure is spelled out in the Covenants of the Association. 


We are in need of volunteers to help with cleaning up the lake’s edges.  We also need volunteers to help out with erecting NO TRESPASSING signs.  If you are interested in helping out your neighborhood, please call Jacki Terode at 770-4132.


Corrected Website

In error, last month our website was given out with www in front of the address.


Our email address is correct and just as a reminder it is:

Any comments, suggestions or concerns can be sent to this email address and will be addressed promptly.  You can also put your concerns etc in writing and send them to the Community Association of Waterford Lakes , 2046 Treasure Coast Plaza #301, Vero Beach , FL 32960.



Reminder: if you would prefer to receive this newsletter via email, please send your name, address and email address to and we will add you to the distribution list.  If you are a “snowbird” and will be away from the community for a while, please drop off a number of self addressed stamped envelopes to Kathy Gabbert at 1101 W. 13th Square and we will mail you the newsletter to keep you informed while you are away.


Any questions, comments or suggestions regarding this newsletter should be directed to the Community Association email address,  This newsletter is published by the Public Relations Committee with input from the Board of Directors, Committee Members and Residents of Waterford Lakes.  Thank you.

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